If you’re an accomplished registered nurse (RN) looking toward your next step in nursing, you may be considering options such as family nurse practitioner vs nurse administrator.

From diagnosing patients to practicing telemedicine, and performing conflict resolution to managing teams, the list of nurse practitioner skills is a long one.

In the state of Ohio, nurse practitioners earn an average annual salary of $105,630. This can vary depending on the location within the state.

Orthopedic nurse practitioners (NPs) are healthcare professionals who specialize in caring for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Any disease, injury, or chronic condition associated with the bones, muscles, joints, or connective tissues may fall under the scope of an orthopedic nurse practitioner. Learn more.
Nursing is one of the most diverse professions in the modern world. Since healthcare is such a vast and complex field, it’s no surprise that many professionals in this industry hone their skills by developing a specialty. Learn more about the top degree specialties here!
Nurse managers work behind the scenes, helping healthcare facilities and nursing units run smoothly. If you’re looking to take on a leadership role with rewarding work and improve the healthcare field as a whole, then click here to learn how to become a nurse manager!
What does a nurse manager do exactly? If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse manager, this blog is here to help. Nurse managers serve as mentors and role models for nursing staff. They are leaders and therefore provide ongoing professional support and career guidance to the nurses and support staff in their department. The nursing manager is a resource to employees, helping them find answers to their professional and patient care questions, while also working over budgets and hiring new staff.
Working as a charge nurse is rewarding, diverse, and essential to any large-scale healthcare facility. From training and supervising nursing staff to maintaining proper patient care and protocols, the duties of a charge nurse go beyond those of a traditional registered nurse (RN). Learn more about the position here!
This article will explain family nurse practitioner practice and walk you through the necessary requirements on how to become one, including which degree program — an MSN or DNP — to consider.
What is public health nursing exactly? The focus of PHNs is always on the community, and they use their skills to serve patients through providing care, community planning, and social outreach. PHNs provide everything from ongoing care and health management to assistance during disease outbreaks and natural disasters. Learn more here.